What Is the SPOC Advantage?

Learn how your team stands to benefit from a partnership with SPOC Grid Inverter Technologies.

Are you wanting to build a more reliable, more flexible, more efficient hybrid power system with energy storage and integrated sources? Look no further.

The Benefits of Partnering with SPOC

Whatever your on-site power needs — whether it’s primary power or backup power — SPOC Grid Inverter technology can help.

With SPOC Grid Inverter Technologies, the integration of multiple power sources is smooth and seamless, whether energy storage is integrated at the design phase or retrofitted at an existing plant.

You can add energy storage to:

  • Reduce fuel consumption for variable load
  • Reduce emissions through the integration of renewables
  • Ensure an uninterrupted power source

Or you can connect to the grid when available, so your team can:

  • Integrate multiple generator set
  • Integrate renewables like wind and solar to reduce emissions

SPOC Grid Inverters can detect downstream faults in approximately 1ms and immediately output a controlled and adjustable, low-level fault current for up to 2 seconds to allow downstream devices to open and clear the fault.

Faults downstream of the inverter are detected and regulated so quickly that your generator never experiences any of the stresses or potentially damaging conditions associated with a typical fault.

Improve Performance with Instantaneous Demand Response and Peak Shaving

SPOC’s hybrid systems include energy storage that works with the generator(s) to deliver instantaneous power in response to transient loads and to ensure a stable voltage source for your most sensitive loads. Battery sources can be set up to deliver power during peak loads and recharge during periods of lower energy demand. 

To speak with a SPOC expert in grid inverter technologies, contact our team or call 844.776.2833.