What Are the Benefits of Using a SPOC Grid Inverter?

Find out how your team can benefit from SPOC's Grid Inverter and Energy Storage Solutions for remote and marine applications.

SPOC is a specialized drive and inverter automation technology company with over 75,000 successfully deployed inverters that apply power efficiently for grid-connected, off-grid, island, and hybrid systems.

Business and regulatory demands, along with advancing technology, are calling for the incorporation of renewables. However, renewable energy resources such as solar and wind present their own unique set of challenges — especially when it comes to supply interruptions caused by their inherent inconsistency. 

But the need for increased energy efficiency is a must, and the cost of infrastructure and fuel can be high. That’s where energy storage systems come into play.

Why You Should Consider Energy Storage

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) projects that world energy consumption will grow by nearly 50% between 2020 and 2050. Additionally, world industrial sector energy use will increase by more than 30% before 2050. Energy storage systems provide  stability in power production networks by peak shaving , time-shifting , and providing back-up power when demand exceeds generating supply.

So, how can you benefit from SPOC's Grid Inverter and Energy Storage Solutions? There are three primary areas in which SPOC Grid Inverters can reduce capital expense, operating costs, and emissions:

  • Peak Shaving:  Peak shaving involves optimizing the incoming energy supply from the grid with onsite power sources (I.e., generators, energy storage systems, renewables, etc.) to mitigate peaks in demand and keep demand charges at its minimum.
  • Time-Shifting: Time-shifting involves storing energy during times when energy costs from the grid are low, and conversely, supplying energy from the storage medium when energy costs from the grid are high.
  • Back-Up Power: Energy storage can optimize the utilization of back-up power when demand exceeds supply, reducing disruptions and downtime. In other words, energy storage systems improve the resiliency of a back-up power plant, which increases the overall system reliability.

Batteries and energy storage technologies have proven to greatly benefit operations - when implemented correctly. SPOC has deep expertise in utilizing energy storage technologies and is technology agnostic. We will help utilize the technology you prefer or help you identify the system that is right for your needs.

The SPOC Advantage

Whether you need primary power for a remote oilfield deep in the Texas desert or next-generation backup power for critical systems that cannot go dark, SPOC Grid Inverter Technologies has the technology, expertise, and resiliency to keep your job site running. 

For more information on the benefits of using a SPOC Grid Inverter, contact one of our experts today.