How Does Your VFD Interact with Your Motor?

This video walks through how a VFD interacts with the motor that it’s attached to and will debunk some of the myths around the subject.


Hello, everyone. It’s Justin Woodrum here again with SPOC Automation. And today I wanted to talk to you about how a VFD interacts with the motor that it’s attached to and to debunk some of the myths around the subject.

Many VFD manufacturers will say that you need to purchase their motor with their drive, and they’ll say it for many reasons. One is that they simply want to ensure the sale of their motor. Another reason is that their VFD is not capable of mapping to various motor types. Both of these situations are not the case with SPOC Automation. We provide the highest quality drives on the market and they can connect to any motor type, whether it’s a NEMA D, a NEMA B or a Permanent Magnet motor.

And we do this through an algorithm that comes standard and all of our drives called identification run or ID run for short.

What happens is once this algorithm is initiated, it sends a DC signal through the windings of the motor. When this algorithm has finished, it has now mapped the specific magnetic signature of that motor and has corrected motor torque. This allows you to operate at maximum efficiency for that motor. And we highly suggest that you always enable this algorithm upon startup. Now I’m going to show you how to navigate this algorithm in the keypad and the HMI.

All right, from the keypad, you’ll go to motor control, ID run. You’ll select OL U/f ratio and press enter. It’ll step through the algorithm once it gets done; it will go back to no action.

That’s perfectly normal. That’s where you want it, in normal operating conditions. The next way to navigate to it is through our HMI, you’ll go to VFD Basic Parameters. I’m on Revelation, but this applies to all of our products.

Go to VFD Basic Parameters and select enable ID run. Then it will step through the algorithm that way as well.

As you can see, this is just another feature that SPOC provides you for you to operate at the best of your ability.

We desire to see you succeed. And as always, we have your back with our customer service.

I hope this presentation was helpful for you. And if you have any questions, we’re just a phone call or an email away. Take care. And as always, pump long and prosper.