How does a DC bus system create an efficient power system for ships?

The DC bus allows for many benefits related to efficiency gains and increased flexibility.

As electrification technologies develop, it is becoming clear that a common DC bus allows for the most effective combination of components. SPOC’s DC bus platform is a stable, predictable, proven foundation for your power system.

SPOC also has great experience with AC systems, but a DC bus enables a host of benefits by tying together generators running at different loads,  variable speed generators, shore connection, batteries, and even alternative fuel sources into one modular system that can scale from the smallest service vessel to the largest container ship. It allows for maximum efficiency gains, while also increasing the flexibility of the system.

Feeding the vessel’s loads off of the DC bus allows for smarter power conversion for those large variable loads like thrusters and pumps, while integrating MCCs and hotel loads according to conventional design guidelines.


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