How can GRID inverters help improve ESG metrics as they apply to the marine industry?

Show customers and others how your metrics are linked to profitability and sustainability.

In the marine industry, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) performance is becoming increasingly important as financiers, insurers, regulators, and customers are linking profitability and sustainability to ESG metrics.

As a ship owner or operator, you can either embrace ESG goals with sustainable strategies or risk getting pushed from the industry. Companies with sound, funded ESG strategies who measure their performance have much greater access to capital. Offshore customers consider ESG metrics a key requirement in potential partners, which means that if your ship is producing the fewest emissions, you will have a strong competitive advantage.

GRID inverters help you deploy just the right solution to meet your goals and for your application, whether it's hybrid, all electric, fuel cell, alternative fuel, variable speed, etc. 

Choosing the right technology or solution for your mission is how you achieve solutions that produce real value. That’s where you will see real ROI and real ESG improvements, because no two ships are the same and no two operations are the same.


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