How can a hybrid system help me respond to the transient load requirements of the marine industry?

A hybrid system with generator sets and energy storage allows for an instantaneous response.

Transient load response improvement is most often needed when using alternative fuels, such as LNG, fuel cells, ammonia, methanol, etc. The key benefit in these applications with a battery plus a generator is that the battery provides redundancy. Operators often prefer the feel and response offered by battery or hybrid systems.

It’s typical that many ships run multiple generators, more than necessary, which means they are then running at very low load. This is inefficient. With batteries, it’s possible to turn off some of the generators and thus increase the load on all of those that are online. This produces benefits related to reduced maintenance that are often as substantial as the dollar savings in fuel.

These hybrid configurations utilizing inverter capabilities also increase resiliency, power quality, and help prevent blackouts. 

Batteries are specifically regulated to deliver power during peak loads and to charge during periods of lower demand. When you have more operational data, you can better optimize performance and response.


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