How can a hybrid power system help me right-size the equipment on my ship?

Lightly loaded generator sets are very inefficient, but hybrid power systems make a huge difference.

Design philosophies typically dictate a 20 to 40% buffer when sizing the power plant onboard. This is done in anticipation of worst-case scenarios, but often results in over-sized and inefficient equipment, which significantly increases the operational costs as well as the capital investment. 

Under normal operating conditions, lightly loaded generator sets operate outside their optimal load curve, wasting fuel, producing excess emissions, and increasing maintenance costs.

A hybrid power system allows you to size your generator sets by looking at the entire load over time, not by peak demand. Installing an ESS to support the generators often means your ship can run at its optimal load, or can even utilize fewer or smaller generator sets. 

In times of need, the inverter supplements the generators by instantaneously pulling from the batteries. This results in smaller, more efficient, smarter engines that can run at their optimal load, burn less fuel, and create fewer emissions.

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